It seems like a century ago since I last put pen to paper. Back then in December I certainly could not have anticipated any extensive lockdown. (I suppose everyone was expecting something!!) But this stretch!!!

It looks like it could be April before we reopen but we have no end date promised as yet. Lordy lord we are being put through the mill in the retail world and elsewhere. Some sectors are suffering more than others but we are (mostly) all in this together and hoping to come out the other side.

All you parents are being put through your paces with home schooling and have discovered a whole new appreciation for the teaching profession. Never again will you underestimate the value of what they do. Roll on normality or even near normality……………any kind of normality will do!!

Buy hey-ho life goes on and another season is upon us. Apart from the odd ‘beast from the east’ spring has pretty well sprung and with the brighter days and nights we look forward to brighter colours and warmer tones. And the good news is that even though we are closed our website is open 24/7, and if you have any personal queries just call me on 087 282 3744 and I will be there to help you.

And it’s at the beginning of every season that I tend to think about and marvel at the diversity of the people that shop in Unique Boutique. You know, years ago (in the good old days…not) when I was buying I would have to think of the different age brackets when I would look at potential collections, 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50’s etc. Now that is no longer the case and thank goodness for that. Nowadays clothes are essentially ageless, there are no rigid rules to constrain us and we can basically dress how we please.