Okay, so we are back to semi normal again and boy oh boy doesn't it feel good to go shopping in your local town (why did we ever think it was naf to do so?), meet up with one or two friends for a lazy socially distanced coffee and a chat. Then head home for a cozy night by the fire or however you like to spend your evenings.

And with the emphasis on home life being paramount and the word ‘cozy’ creeping into focus, a whole new dress code has emerged. Loungewear is officially a trend and we have all embraced it with gusto.

Here at Unique Boutique we have a fabulous range of oversized sweatshirts in crazy prints. Some long, some short, some light and some heavier with crazy artwork but all bring a smile to your face.

They are good enough to wear outside but also definitely designed to be embraced indoors. And to bring another smile to your face (your cup runneth over) we have just received a delivery of Christmas socks in our Thought range that are sustainable bamboo and organic cotton to add to the festive cheer.

These socks make big steps towards your planet friendly aspirations and are oh so comfy to boot (forgive the pun). Check them out on our accessories page and have fun, fun, fun!!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everybody and thanks for all the kind compliments and encouragement about our new website. HO!HO!HO! ??